You can visit and see Gym during Open hour. Do not need the reservation.
Trial Class : Need reservation. Please book your preferred day/time below form.
Please prepare training gears such as T-shirts, shorts and sneakers.

Membership Fee

Admission Fee: One month membership fee .
Sports Insurance Fee

Membership Fee(include tax)


10,000 JPY per month

Univers&vocational school students

8,000JPY per month

middle&high-school students

7,000JPY per month

Elementary school students

5,000JPY per month

One DAY drop in fee

2,500JPY per day

Trial Class

2,000JPY(Free admission on the day)

Personal Training


※Personal Training is available both Member and Non-Member.

※Visitors, Trial Lesson and personal training fee will be paid at the reception desk.

※Monthly membership will be charged additional 110yen for the system usage fee.

How to sign up the gym

You can sign up from KAIHI-Pay system. Or, please ask from the contact form or ask at Gym.

Japanese Rocky Membership registration form (Japanese)

The enrollment experience

If you are interested in boxing, lack exercise, or want to relieve stress, please come and join us. The staff will politely and kindly convey the charm of boxing.

Equipment for Gym training

Shoes (no high hells in the gym to protect our flooring).
T-Shorts, Shorts, Towel
Bottled water (We sell bottled water at the gym)
※We have rental gloves and wraps.

Enjoy your first boxing session on us!
Trial Class example.
60min training below menu.

Warmup Stretch, Shadow Boxing, Hit to Punch Mitts
Hit to Punching Bag, Core Training

About Gym Training

This is standard training menu.
You can increase or decrease the round quantities depend on the level.

Warmup Stretch(5-10 min)
Shadow Boxing 3 Rounds
Hit to Punch Mitts 2 Rounds
Hit to Punching Bag 3~5Rounds
Core Training
Cool down Stretch(5-10 min)